Bean Bush Heirloom, Bean Bountiful Bush Bean, Bean KY Wonder Bush, Bean Tendergreen, Beet Bulls Blood, Cantaloupe Delicious 51, Cantaloupe Hearts of Gold, Carrot Chantenay, Carrot Touchon, Cucumber Early Fortune, Cucumber Marketmore 70, Lettuce Heirloom Bibb, Lettuce Livingstons Mix, Lettuce Slobolt, Lettuce Tennis Ball, Onion White Lisbon Bunching, Pea Dwarf Gray Sugar, Pea Early Frosty, Radish Champion, Spinach America, Squash Table King Acorn, Tomato Abe Lincoln, Tomato Baby Roma, Tomato Marglobe, Tomato Red Brandy Wine, Tomato Red Cherry Large, Watermelon Dixie Queen, Watermelon Moon and Stars Red, Zucchini Black Beauty