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Ann Leggat
Ann Leggat
Purchased a leaf blower. It was at the counter, ready to go when I arrived. The employees couldn't have been nicer.
Danielle McMicken
Danielle McMicken
Danger Davis
Danger Davis
Have bought two saws and a few parts and tiller. Great experiences so far
Andrew Hynds
Andrew Hynds
Dana Billets
Dana Billets
Paroby Auto
Paroby Auto
Very friendly and helpful! They have a great selection of equipment, parts and accessories!
Dirty bird
Dirty bird
Wayne's a good guy
Annie Shaffer
Annie Shaffer
Sent here by referral, and glad i came. Fast, friendly and knowledgeable staff that provided a level of service not really seen these days. I highly recommend!

Seeds now available for a limited time! Browse our stock below.

About Us

We are a dealer and repair center for outdoor power equipment based in Nicholson, PA.

We service:

  • All lawnmowers
  • All garden tractors
  • All chainsaws
  • All string trimmers, brush trimmers
  • All small engine outdoor power tools
  • Portable generators, pressure washers
  • Diesel engine lawn equipment
  • Small to mid size tractors
  • Anything else call to enquire

We also sharpen blades, chains, and garden tools.

Store hours are Monday thru Friday 9AM-5PM
Saturday 9AM-3PM

Our History

Clark’s Sharp All was founded over 40 years ago by Wayne and Susan Clark at their house.  The business has grown through the years into a new building and expanded.  With the retirement of Wayne and Susan Clark the business is now under new management, but the same family business values persist and family members are still involved in the business.  Now Clark’s Sharp All is expanding further and dealing in more product lines.  Whether you are an arborist, a landscaping business, a logger, or a weekend warrior, you will find a wide variety of the products and services that you need.


Seasonal Product – limited time offer

All the seeds listed below come from Livingston, one of the oldest and most trusted brands of organic and heirloom seeds.

Cactus Mix$1.99
Ornamental Corn Bloody Butcher$1.99
Ornamental Corn Blue Mini Indian$1.89
Ornamental Corn Broom Corn$1.99
Ornamental Corn Earth Tones Dent$1.99
Ornamental Corn Indian Corn$1.89
Ornamental Corn Japanese Hulles$1.89
Ornamental Corn Mini Ornamental Indian$2.49
Ornamental Corn Strawberry Popcorn$1.89
Ornamental Grass Cat Grass$1.89
Squash Apple Gourds$1.99
Squash Birdhouse Gourds$1.89
Squash Bushel Gourds$1.89
Squash Crown of Thorns Gourd$1.89
Squash Daisy Gourd$2.49
Squash Dipper Gourds$1.99
Squash Dragon Gourd$2.49
Squash Giant Bottle Gourd$1.89
Squash Luffa$1.89
Squash Martin House Gourd$1.89
Squash Mini Bottle Gourd$1.89
Squash Ornamental Gourds Small$1.89
Squash Ornamental Gourds Large and Small Mix$1.99
Squash Snake Gourd$1.99
Squash Swan Gourds$1.89
Squash Turk’s Turban$1.99
Eggplant Pumpkin on a Stick$2.99
Pumpkin Autumn Gold$2.99
Pumpkin Baby Boo$2.99
Pumpkin Big Max$2.99
Pumpkin Big Moon$2.99
Pumpkin Blue Doll$3.29
Pumpkin Casper$2.99
Pumpkin Cinderella$2.99
Pumpkin Dill’s Atlantic Giant$3.78
Pumpkin Fairytale$2.99
Pumpkin First Prize Hybrid$2.99
Pumpkin Harvest Blend$3.29
Pumpkin Harvest Jack F1$2.99
Pumpkin Hooligan F1$2.99
Pumpkin Howden$2.99
Pumpkin Jack-Be-Little$2.99
Pumpkin Jaradale$2.99
Pumpkin Lady Godiva$2.99
Pumpkin One Too Many$3.78
Pumpkin Peanut$2.99
Pumpkin Red Warty$2.99
Pumpkin Show Winner$3.78
Pumpkin Wee Be Little$2.99
Basil Compact$1.99
Basil Genovese$1.99
Basil Lemon$1.99
Basil Lettuce Leaf$1.99
Basil Sweet$1.99
Basil Thai$1.99
Chamomile German$1.99
Chives Garlic$1.99
Cress Upland$1.99
Dill Bouquet$1.99
Dill Mammoth$1.99
Fennel Florence$1.99
Lemon Balm$1.99
Lemon Mint$1.99
Oregano Greek$1.99
Parsley Italian Single$1.99
Parsley Triple Curled$1.99
Calendula Pacific Beauty$2.49
Cosmos Bright Lights$2.49
Larkspur Giant Imperial$2.49
Poppy Extra Golden$2.49
Poppy Shirley Mix Colors$2.49
Snapdragon Tetra Ruffled Supreme$2.49
Sunflower Autumn Beauty$2.49
Sunflower Mammoth Russian$2.49
Zinnia Cut and Come Again$2.49
Zinnia Lilliput$2.49
Tithonia Torch$2.49
Cardinal Climber$2.49
Passion Flower$2.49
Bee Balm$2.49
Black Eyed Susan$2.49
Blanket Flower$2.49
Butterfly Flower$2.49
Coneflower Purple$2.49
Daisy Gloriosa$2.49
Delphinium Pacific Giants Mix$2.49
Johnny Jump Up$1.99
Thyme Creeping$2.49
Wildflower Bee Mix$3.99
Wildflower Bird and Butterfly$3.99
Wildflower Cut Flower$3.99
Wildflower Hummingbird Mix$3.99
Wildflower Meadow Mix$3.99
Wildflower Shade Mix$3.99
Basil Large Leaf Organic$2.99
Basil Sweet Organic$2.99
Bean Blue Lake Bush$2.99
Bean Blue Lake Pole Stringless Organic$2.99
Beet Detroit Dark Organic$2.99
Cantaloupe Sierra Gold Organic$2.99
Carrot Danvers Organic$2.99
Carrot Nantes Organic$2.99
Cilantro / Coriander Organic$2.99
Cucumber Muncher Organic$2.99
Cucumber Straight Eight Organic$2.99
Lettuce Black Seeded Simpson Organic$2.99
Lettuce Buttercrunch Organic$2.99
Lettuce Gourmet Blend Organic$2.99
Lettuce Mesclun Blend Organic$2.99
Onion Evergreen Bunching Organic$2.99
Pea Oregon Sugar Pod Organic$2.99
Pepper Rainbow Bell Organic$2.99
Radish Cherry Belle Organic$2.99
Radish Sparkler White Tip Organic$2.99
Spinach Bloomsdale Organic$2.99
Squash Mammoth Table Queen Bush Organic$2.99
Squash Waltham Butternut Organic$2.99
Squash Zucchini Dark Organic$2.99
Swiss Chard Rainbow Organic$2.99
Tomato Beefsteak Organic$2.99
Tomato Chadwish Cherry Organic$2.99
Tomato Roma Organic$2.99
Watermelon Allsweet Organic$2.99
Bean Bush Heirloom$2.49
Bean Bountiful Bush Bean Heirloom$2.49
Bean KY Wonder Bush Heirloom$2.49
Bean Tendergreen Heirloom$2.49
Beet Bulls Blood Heirloom$2.49
Cantaloupe Delicious 51 Heirloom$2.49
Cantaloupe Hearts of Gold Heirloom$2.49
Carrot Chantenay Heirloom$2.49
Carrot Touchon Heirloom$2.49
Cucumber Early Fortune Heirloom$2.49
Cucumber Marketmore 70 Heirloom$2.49
Lettuce Heirloom Bibb$2.49
Lettuce Livingstons Mix Heirloom$2.49
Lettuce Slobolt Heirloom$2.49
Lettuce Tennis Ball Heirloom$2.49
Onion White Lisbon Bunching Heirloom$2.49
Pea Dwarf Gray Sugar Heirloom$2.49
Pea Early Frosty Heirloom$2.49
Radish Champion Heirloom$2.49
Spinach America Heirloom$2.49
Squash Table King Acorn Heirloom$2.49
Tomato Abe Lincoln Heirloom$2.49
Tomato Baby Roma Heirloom$2.49
Tomato Marglobe Heirloom$2.49
Tomato Red Brandy Wine Heirloom$2.49
Tomato Red Cherry Large Heirloom$2.49
Watermelon Dixie Queen Heirloom$2.49
Watermelon Moon and Stars Red Heirloom$2.49
Zucchini Black Beauty Heirloom$2.49

Our Brands

We deal with the following brands of products. For each brand listed below we are certified dealers for their complete product line. For any questions/concerns, feel free to call us during our usual business hours.

Click on one of the icons below to view the list of available products for that specific brand.

Husqvarna logo
Echo logo
DR logo
Generac logo
Masport logo
EGO logo
Billy Goat logo
Snapper logo
Simplicity logo
Mean Green Mowers logo

We are also a certified dealer for the following brands:

Briggs and Stratton logo
Forester Shop logo
Stens logo
Rotary logo
Intersate Batteries logo
Greenworks Commercial logo
MTD logo
Cub Cadet logo
Troy Bilt logo
Kohler Engines logo

We also offer financing help through Synchrony for products under the following brands:

DR, Echo, Generac, Husqvarna, Mean Green, Simplicity, and Snapper.

For the brands listed below, simply fill out the appropriate form before coming in. For all other brands, visit our store to discuss available financing options.

Husqvarna Financing
Briggs and Stratton Financing

(Simplicity and Snapper)

Husqvarna Products

Echo Products

Masport Products

EGO Products

Billy Goat Products

Simplicity Products

Mean Green Products

American Steel Carports

We are also a dealer of American Steel Carports. To see potential options, visit their website below.